Friday, December 15, 2017

How to Get a Stronger Baseball Swing

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It’s the offseason for baseball and softball, and it’s time to relax, right?


Now is the time to start preparing for next year, trying to keep yourself in shape and improving your swing.

No matter what position you play on your competitive/bar league team, I believe it becomes more fun the better you get, and everyone could use a better and stronger swing.

There are the usual exercises such as putting a donut on your bat or using two bats, and those are fine, if not good.

But a trick I learned a few years back has helped me immensely, and all you need is a bat and a YMCA membership (or access to a pool).

That’s right: a pool. Take the bat with you into the water and start swinging! The resistance will really help you build those swinging muscles. There are a few things to think about while you’re doing this to make sure you’re not forming bad habits, however: make sure the water is deep enough so you can keep most of your form intact (you don’t want to be swinging around your hips). And make sure to use an old bat that you don’t really care about, as you’ll be underwater for a while.

Swing for as long as you can take it, preferably for about half an hour. Do this a few times a week, and by next season, those muscles will be much stronger.

Stay away from sharks if you’re doing this in the ocean!

Strong Baseball Swing

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